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Cost Reduction and Process Improvement Program

Société Générale Securities Services S.p.A. is one of the major Italian bank dedicated to securities services and it is part of the Société Générale group.

We provided consultancy support to our client by leading the deployment of a Process Optimization Program based on the Lean Six Sigma methodology.

We were in charge of planning the activities, to support the training of all the stakeholders involved and to ensure the correct project deployment by providing mentoring and coaching support to all the people involved.


Through a continuous engagement We have helped these resources to complete their projects on time and within the high level of quality expected by the organisation.


Our engagement with the customer started from the beginning, when we sat down with the senior management to understand their objectives and their problems.


As part for the programme, we have identified and mapped all the back office processes and, through focused kaizen workshops, we have identified opportunities for improvements, some of which have been prioritized and implemented.


The overall programme delivered substantial FTE and financial savings. With this program we have deployed more than 15 Lean Six Sigma projects and kaizens which helped the organization to achieve a cost reduction of over 25%.


During these events, we supervised the Green Belts (up to four for each project) and the Black Belts during their work; ensuring that the methodology and the philosophy were fully understood and respected; ensuring then that they will deliver the objectives agreed with the sponsors.

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