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"The secret to change is to focus all of your energy, not to fight the old, but on building the new."


ViC Advisory

The Company

​ViC Advisory is a dynamic company that operates in the management consulting market at 360°, covering a wide range of capabilities, thanks to its network of professional consultants.

The company operates both in Italy and abroad.


The services provided by ViC Advisory are focused on:

  • Corporate reorganization to improve profitability

  • Process optimization and performance improvement (with Lean Six Sigma methodology)

  • Business planning, Strategy, Management control


ViC Advisory is focused on Continuous improvement with the aim to guide customers through operational excellence, a key element for gaining a competitive advantage.



Vivien Charrey is a visionary and one of the original pioneers to bring the Lean Six Sigma culture to Italy.

With a passion for continuous improvement using the 'Kaizen' methodology as well as Lean Six Sigma cost-saving implementation, leadership management, and operating model strategic restructuring.

Vivien brings leadership and problem solving know-how to any company.


ViC Advisory is a management consulting firm which he started in 2013 after 10 years of business experience working for companies such as Accenture and KPMG.

Some of its most recent projects bringing successful client satisfaction / cost-saving results include Office Depot, Avis Budget Group, Societe Generale and Premi Spa.

Furthermore, Vivien also serves as company CFO for Premi Spa, an Italian company specialised in the support and development and primary packaging for the perfume, skincare and colour cosmetic industry, and Professional Associate for Tefen Management Consulting,  an international management consulting firm.

He has joined the TOPPTI team (TOPP Tactical Intelligence Ltd is a consulting partnership devoted to offering a wide set of cost saving, risk reduction, and talent enrichment services) recently to leverage and enrich its automation.

The complementary skills sets offered by Vivien's leadership and problem solving experience in the field will prove to offer significant synergies both to TOPP as well as ViC Advisory clients.

Current Responsabilities
  • Product design & development

  • Program management

  • New initiative research and development

  • Client relationship management

  • Training

  • Simulation facilitation

  • Client continuous improvement & Operational Excellence Strategy formulation

  • Client Risk Management strategy formulation
  • Product to Market Strategy

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